About Us

We always maintain our 3 core values Dependability Honesty Efficiency


  • To address issues and requests immediately, reasonably, and comprehensively.
  • Strive to maintain a 98% on time completion rate with all of our clients.
  • Take responsibility for our actions and always be ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to rectify any situation.


  • Maintain a cooperative and mutually respectful tone when interacting with each other and our customers/contractors.
  • Understand that sound strategy and creative implementation requires diverse talents working in Unison.
  • Understand success for our clients depends on everyone's cooperation and mutual support.
  • Communicate issues and share information, expertise and experience; at any given moment any of us may be students, mentors and teachers .


  • Strive to understand our clients' requirements and to meet or exceed their expectations with high quality deliverable and service.
  • Stay flexible and always look for proactive, responsible solutions to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Consistently question the status quo and seek opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Strive for stimulating work environment open to leaning, curiosity and innovation.
  • First time quality, QC all work received from the field to insure it is done right the first time.


  • Operate with a sense of ownership with respect to our client responsibilities.
  • Manage our financial assets with sound stewardship and fair return for our clients and company


  • Encourage resourcefulness, conscientiousness, and leadership from each employee.
  • Recognize and reward excellence in performance from our customers/contractors and staff in order to reach our goal of becoming nationally recognized as one of the best Property Preservation Providers in our market.


  • Do what's right and demand honesty, maintain confidentiality and adhere to professional standards of excellence and safety.



To be known as a God fearing company that understands honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned. To be a good steward of our resources and in exercise frugality. To know that family is of fundamental importance and commit to being part of something that helps in the building strong communities by committing to helping those less fortunate.


To Maintaining a healthy work/life balance while servicing the people we work with and for in the same manner we would want to be serviced. To provide commitment to innovation and excellence. To embody the same "Think Different" motto as some of the bigger companies we know. Provide the kind of service and commit that does good for the whole.


1. Problem solvers
To be known as a great company you have to be about solving one problem after the next. We are surround with people that are excited to hop from one problem to the next in order to achieve great things.

2. Ambitious
We know that there are three types of people: people who want things to happen, people who watch things to happen and people who make things happen. We are the latter.

3. Transparent
There is too much at stake for us to fall into a trap of passive-aggressive behavior. Over the years I have learned that when we are honest, open and direct in all conversations we save a lot of valuable time.

4. Empathetic
Empathy is not something everyone possesses and for those who do, it is a gift. We have the ability to understand the challenges that others deal with, what they care about and how to help them thrive to hit their goals and maximize their potential, these are character traits we look for in every hire we make.

5. Adaptable
Adaptability means one thing: How well does a person handle ambiguity? “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” While perfection is never possible, how well we adapt to change will determine how durable our success will be. In a world of ambiguity those who can roll with the change and still perform are prime time players you want on your team.

6. Accountable
We have an obligation to our staff and clients to account for all of our activities, accept responsibility for them and to disclose their results in a transparent manner. When we review scorecards I always encourage people to “embrace the red.” Own up to what is not performing well so we can have a conversation around what we need to improve. If you have people who are not accountable they may begin to sweep things under the rug or worse, begin to point fingers or pass blame around.

7. Focused
We understand that If you are focused on doing too many things you won’t do anything really well. By putting an emphasis on this value we are able to create an environment where people spend their time creating waves of productivity versus ripples.

8. Integrable
We embrace the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is our personal choice to uphold ourselves to consistent moral and ethical standards and as a business we surround ourselves with people who care deeply about integrity. because of this, everyone benefits -- partners, customers and most importantly our entire employee base.